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Why choose us
The product itself is unique
Italians have created the perfect and technically unique system
Focused direction
We manufacture exceptionally wood-aluminum windows. We are experts in that sphere.
Italian design
These windows look different from all others. For example, they don’t have a molding fillet. Due to that, the wood part is solid and natural. These windows rivet the attention.
Our showroom is our visit card
You can come yourself or bring your client and see everything, get to know some details and working process. We will introduce you our production and entertain you with Italian coffee.
Health and safety
Our windows do not contain nor isolate dangerous materials. They are eco-friendly and safe for health.
Nearly all our new projects we work on are by our old clients or by new customers who came after someone’s recommendation.
About the Company

Zolotoy Yasen Company was established in 1993.

Our workers are loyal to their occupation. They specialized on wood product field more than a dozen years.

Zolotoy yasen has two different manufacturing departments.

The first one occupied with Italian wood-aluminum sliding doors and windows.

The second is specialized on wooden products – doors, stairs and furniture.

Some time ago, our products were presented at Megadom shopping mall.
Since October 2018 a brand new showroom was opened in Sovinyon.

Our high-quality products have been a great advertising for many years. Architects and builders, with whom we have worked 10 and more years ago still are our continual customers.

If you still not acquainted to us and our proposition we invite you to our showroom. We will introduce you our products and profitable conditions of collaboration.

We are trustworthy
Specialists’ qualification
Well build team, highly qualified. Over 20 years of experience. Regular experience exchange programs with our partners.
Product longevity
Thanks to the exceptional build and aluminum being outside, the windows produce without any special service for at least 50-80 years.
The quality of raw materials.
We use only time tested quality material, component and detail brands. Therefore we can be confident to provide our customers with up to 10 year warranty.
Simplicity and service rate
«You will receive a document with prices and graphic presentation of your windows within 4 working hours. »
«After details confirmation the period of production is up to 55 working days.
Personal proposition of collaboration
Indicate your occupation to get to know the variants of propositions.

01 I am an architect


02 I am the head of a construction company / project


03 We are distributor, with salon and clientele

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